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7 Days to Reclaim and Activate Your Life


A Free Journey to -
Activate your Life Force, engage your Free Will and evaluate your Priorities to create what's next... this whole new world

Join me for a FREE 7 Day Program to Support you to Live Well in a New World 


Clarify Your Next Steps, Take Your Power Back and Live Well- in this whole new world…


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My Gift to You:

I have designed a 7-day program to support you to get back on track-- to consciously design your life. A life that focuses on Universal Principals of Empowerment, Clearing and Energetic Techniques and daily practices that will allow you to live with far more ease and clarity-within this new ever-changing world. 



Why Now?



A lack of clarity over what’s next in life

A loss of empowerment have affected many people I speak with.

Many of these folks are leaders and guides.

Many have been confident in the past.

Let’s face it- we have been through a lot of change in what seems to be -overnight.

Its time to build back resilience and endurance and clarity.



The breakdown of our week together


Day 1- Living Very Well in a Whole New World – lets define your vision

Day 2- Releasing What No Longer Serves You- release stuck or blocked energy in your body, mind, and spirit

Day 3- ProActive Living- Turning Challenges to Opportunities

Day 4- Living with peace, harmony, and joy at the forefront of your life- specific guidance and

Day 5- Aligning your values with daily living- creating a life of meaning and contribution

Day 6- Living with Heart Mind and Intuition- as daily informers and guides

Day 7- Design your personal- conscious Life Design- for this whole new world that reflects your values and excites you

Get Your Free 7 Day Course

The Benefits of the 7-day Life Force Activation Journey the gift to:

  • Begin to show up fully in this whole new world with clarity on how to Live Well and
  • Learn specific daily practices linked to Universal Principles, Energetic Techniques and ProActive Living to turn challenges around much faster and to help you see the
    opportunity in the challenges you experience
  • Feel lighter and brighter (release stuck or blocked energy in your body, mind and spirit)
  • Increase your level of peace, harmony, and joy you experience daily
  • Start to align your daily life with meaning, contribution, and good living
  • That you will live fully aligned with your heart, mind and intuition
  • Design a conscious Life Design for this whole new world that reflects your values and excites you 


This program is Perfect for-

  • Leaders in our new world seeking tools and resources
  • Light workers
  • Healers
  • Those who have experienced lots of personal development and seek the
    next level
  • Those interested in Consciousness and the Awakening that we are
    experiencing on the Planet
Get Your Free 7 Day Course

With all challenge comes opportunity.

What opportunities await you?

I am here to support you. 

In a sense we are in this together- I have been focusing on regrouping and reclarifying what’s most important to me in my life recently and have gained many new ways and supports. I would like to share them with you.



What people who have done the MasterClass say about it:


“Such sacred and beautiful work.  I felt rejuvenated. I found the clearing techniques especially useful. I feel so much lighter and ready to move forward”.


“I found the MasterClass 1- Living Well in a Changing World: Activating Your Life Force-to be amazing. Maureen was very much in synch with where I currently am in my personal awakening and growth. I found the techniques so powerful. She really delivered a very deep holistic concept in such a gentle but strong and powerful way. It was brilliant! So much to process and I know it is still unravelling”!


“I have far more insight and belief in myself”.

I am here to help people to fully embody the reason they are here, to reach their full potential and to Live well as they fully enjoy their life.

I do hope you will join me on this weeklong journey to Living Well in a Whole New World.

Maureen Simon

I have worked in international business consulting and community development, including serving to mediate political conflict in Northern Ireland and Eastern Europe.

Every day I awake with the intention of leaving that day better than I found it. My core values are to contribute my gifts to a more equitable and caring world. I have learned many energetic and alignment techniques that I now share in my work.

There is more light showering onto the planet, and I believe we are in the midst of a major awakening. I have written a book “Awakening the Essential Feminine: Claiming Your Influential Power,

to support women to learn about and to live with their powerful feminine attributes at the forefront of their life.

The book describes the 26 feminine attributes that the world needs today to reach a place of equity, harmony, and peace. 

I have supported tens of thousands worldwide to live fully with their clear will and talents through my two businesses: 

In the corporate world, I served as a founding member of the Global Women’s Leadership Network at Santa Clara University’s Leavey School of Business in Silicon Valley and I pioneered corporate programmes supporting women worldwide. I graduated from The State University of New York with a degree in Community Development and advanced studies in Public Policy from the Nelson A. Rockefeller College of Public Affairs at The State University of New York.

My Personal Invitation for you to join me


The times we are living in are changing. Your free will and the ability to live consciously – awake
– aware and excited about your life, is more important now than ever before. I hope you will
join me on this essential journey that can transform the way you live today and the way you
support others. Creating a life of choice, free will, awakening with an activated Life Force is up for each of us now. Those who become aware of how to use energy, live with resonance, know
why you are here and how living with Free Will- will play a major role in the world going forward. 

Join me for a Life Transforming Journey

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Get Your Free 7 Day Course

Why Is This 7 Day Program is so Important Now?


The world is changing fast. Many are looking at how to live well with meaning, as they build more of  what really matters into their life. These are entirely new times requiring a new level of awareness.


Increased energy is available to us on our planet, making it easier to increase our Life Force and to live more fully at a higher vibrational level. Together we will be exploring specific energetic techniques to support you in your life- daily.

What People Say About Our Work Together:


Robert G. Allen

"Maureen has an incredible talent for inspiring, motivating, supporting, teaching and challenging women from all over the world in ways that enable them to propel their business to unimaginable NEW levels of success and growth."

Leslie Danziger

"What was important to me was her commitment and experience in both the business arena and in the spiritual world. In other words, she works by integrating your whole life, by bringing that spiritual element of yourself into your business endeavours."

Yosh Han

"Working with Maureen Simon is transformative. She has the ability to address energy blocks in a manner that helps me to be pro-active with my growth. I feel like I am able to be my best self and produce work that reflects this integrity."

Join The FREE 7 Day LifeForce Activation Program Here

Join me for a Life Transforming Journey

Are you ready to live well in a fast changing world?


Then this journey is for you.




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